Everything You Need to Reach Your Customers

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Four Magazines Covering South Metro Atlanta

  • Peachtree City/Tyrone
  • Fayetteville
  • Coweta
  • Henry
    (including Lake Spivey)

Mailed to High Income Homes

Our magazines are mailed to homes with incomes over $75,000.   We get you to the customers you want to target and those that can afford and need your services.  No wasted mailing to apartments and we don't place our magazines hoping someone will pick them up. 

Mailed to over 55,000 homes combined

Currently each of the four magazine locations covers 10,000+ (each magazine) with a current total package mailing of all 4 magazines being over 55,000 homes.  With so many homes directly reached by our mailings, you will have more "bang for your buck", for as low as 2.1 cents per household!


We target our mailing by postal routes rather than zip codes so we can identify the specific neighborhoods we are mailing to. We purchase a new mailing list every month to ensure our magazines go out to all the newest neighborhoods.


Shelf Life:  Advertisers give us feedback of a 30 to 60 day shelf life or more for our magazines. Please call any of our advertisers. We offer a unique magazine format alternative, instead of coupon fliers, envelopes, long article driven magazines or one-day shelf life newspapers.

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